Great things in life reside beyond fear, laziness and self-pity. If you aspire for a life of contentment, or if fulfillment of your dreams is your passion, then you have to unleash what resides within you. You have to show your power, the unique skill you were born with. Accomplish the mission, the purpose you came in this world for.

When life is all about exploring what you can do, Give it your best shot!

Come be with us because we share the same mission. We inspire to create.

“Blending different styles in an entirely new way.”

Blending different styles in an entirely new way, Swati Jain truly lives up to the motto "I live to create". Her works are interesting and evokes a strong sense of the passion behind their creation. While each piece of art is unique, there's a clear relation between each work and one can find a myriad of treasures in each of them.
Anders Lundberg

Open eyes to open your mind. Traveling is food for soul. It is not just about exploring new attractions of the world, but it opens new windows to mesmerizing people and cultures around the world.

The road to success is never easy. You meet with seemingly unending challenges on the way. Thus, staying motivated for your goals becomes indispensable.

Life becomes dull and boring without festivals and celebrations. They make life enjoyable and also offer us opportunities to bond with family, and friends.

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“mesmerizing to see the beauty of your own city.”

I loved the Sakura cheery blossoms festival in Stockholm video. It was mesmerizing to see the beauty of your own city, in full cheery blossoms with all the Japanese events going on during the day, with traditional music, handcraft and Japanese martial art. The serene atmosphere during the event is captured in the video with a soft and beautiful background music, that makes feel harmonious. Indeed it is a very elegant and well composed video, that I thoroughly enjoyed watching.
Vicki Broberg

“Filled with inspiration, thoughtfulness and bright colors.”

All of Swati's work, whether it is videos, interviews, or paintings, is filled with inspiration, thoughtfulness and bright colors. She focuses on the beauty in life and in people. She can inspire anyone who see or listen to her to follow their dreams.
Ulrika Lindblom-Nilsson

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