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5-Day Roadtrip: Swedish Lapland & Norway | Umeå-Kiruna-Bodø-Östersund (2016)

In the arctic region lies a town called Kiruna which is also a part of Swedish Lapland. Kiruna is the hub of iron ore mines which employs hundreds of people in the town. What else could be a motivation for people residing there in temperatures as low as -35°C, 100% humidity and darkness for a half-year than sheer employment in these iron mines. Kiruna is a home to a group of tribal people ‘sami’.

Our much exciting road trip to Kiruna was driven by the desire to see Northern lights or Aurora Borealis. It is a kind of natural light show put up by the almighty himself. I know, this must be the most hilarious definition of aurora borealis you’ll come across on the internet. But truly, this is how it feels like.

Spotting these northern lights is not easy. The probability increases during the months of December, January and February as it is darkest during these months. But if your luck is against you, then it could be a cloudy day.

Our road trip began from Stockholm in the last week of December. The first stop we took was at Gävle which is a small regular town in Sweden but way far before our final destination. Then we took a little nature’s call break at a beautiful place called Höga Kusten. Some photos of the place are covered in this melodious video.

We finally called the day off at a hotel in Umeå. The next day, early morning we continued our journey to Kiruna. Though a road journey of 3000 km is never as comfortable as one has to sit in a single position for long hours but all the forbearance pays off when you are surrounded by nothing but natural beauty. As they say, traveling is not just about reaching the destination but collecting experiences from the journey as well.

We enjoyed dog sledding. Those furry snow dogs seemed more eager to give us ride than we were ourselves. Though it must be their everyday job. What a dedication! Honestly!

While going into the tundra forests in the Arctic region on our dog sled we were deeply hoping to witness northern lights but we could not spot anything to a satisfactory level. But we did not give up. We headed towards the original ICE LOUNGE of the world. And there we set up our camera with high hopes. Before we wound up everything and moved to our hotel with lots of disappointment, one of us spotted a large patch of brightness in the sky. It was hard to say anything with surety. Then we realized that there are more uses of a camera than just clicking pictures. We observed the patch in the camera at a special setting. Bingo! Yes, it was northern lights which draws humans living near equator to north poles (You can find them in this video).

On our way back, we also stayed in Bodø and Östersund. Bodø  falls in Norway. If you ask me, there is nothing much special about this place itself but the journey from Kiruna to Bodø is breathtakingly scenic. Östersund is also a cute place to pay a visit. It is serene and calm, a quite weekend get-away.

Now, it’s time for this amazing video for all my friends.

Kiruna lies above the arctic circle with temperature as low as -35°C, 100% humidity & darkness for half a year. Read full blog post here:…

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