Stockholm Riga Cruise Part 1

Stockholm-Riga Cruise (Tallink, Isabelle 2017) Part 1/3

Today I’m gonna share with you our experience of being in Latvia. Latvia which once used to be a part of Russia got its independence in 1918. Its population is as low as 2 million and has a density of 35 people per square kilometer.

It is full of greenery all around and adorned with breathtaking old European architecture. This place is no short of heaven on Earth.

Latvia’s capital is Riga. Riga is known to have its earliest habilitation from early 2nd century. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997. The city sits at the mouth of the river Daugava which goes out into the gulf and the great Baltic Sea. In fact, I have given a name to this city, Purple Maniac. Trust me, 3 in 10 people can be found wearing purple. So, to me it looked like a city with obsession for purple. Cruises from Stockholm to Riga sail everyday taking hundreds to passengers. This cruise is a 2 night and 1 day tour completing in 40 hours. This trip is full of adventure and lots of fun.

So, let’s begin this beautiful, fun journey.

We bring to you the first-hand experience of our Cruise tour from Stockholm to Riga. You get the same experience as we have traveled on the Cruise and the city of Riga.

Stockholm-Riga cruise tour is covered in three parts. This is part 1. Please also watch part 2 and part 3 of the series.

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