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10 Myths Western World has about India

There are certain misconceptions about India among western world. Today I am gonna cover 10 of them. I am sure many of you can relate to these.

So, let’s roll it out!

1. Every dish or sabzi is called CURRY

Because of the detailed menu cards that you find in Indian restaurants abroad, where you read the ingredients of the dish rather than collective names, it confuses foreigners and so they have coined one term for all-Curry. But, when it comes to talking about that dish to any Indian friend than they just can’t.

2. Indians eat Naan everyday

When they think Indian food, it is naan with some spicy curry which comes to their mind first. And they also think that naan is our staple and we eat it every day. Is it really true? No, it’s not.

Indians don’t have to survive on just naan as we have roti, puri, bhatora, dhokla, thepla, dosa, idli and so on.

3. They bite on naan like they bite a sandwich.

In most Indian restaurants abroad, they serve sabzis with rice and you get naan separately if you have ordered. I have observed foreigners mixing rice with sabzi but biting on naan as they bite a sandwich along the way.

Perhaps, they are never told how naan is broken to a bite size and how sabzi is taken in that bite with hands.

4. Sugar in every damn dish

The most annoying habit of Indian restaurants abroad is that they add sugar to every damn dish and spoil its taste.

They think that by adding sugar they can make spicy Indian food suitable for foreign taste buds.

5. English is our first language

Most people in west thinks that English is our national language because they saw two Indians speaking in English to each other.

They have hard time breaking it down that India means diversity. We have 29 states and 7 union territories, and 22 official languages. So, it is easier for a person from Delhi to communicate with someone from Chennai.

English is our official language and we started learning English right from pre-school.

6. Everyone arrives at least one hour late in India

No, not everyone does do that. So please don’t generalize.

7. If you’re a vegetarian it means you cannot eat meat but you can eat fish, chicken and egg

I think definition of vegetarian is alien in the west world. They need to be taught who a vegetarian is in their schools.

Because if you tell them that fish and egg are again no-no, then you’re suddenly turned into a vegan who doesn’t even take milk or butter.

8. Every Indian is in IT.

This may be partially true but not true for all. Indians are very good IT engineers (there are no two ways about that) but it does not mean that all of us are software engineers and we work with Ericsson.

9. Indian say YES to everything

Another annoying thing you hear as an Indian when you’re living abroad is that Indians say Yes to everything even when they know nothing of. I don’t have to say anything around that. You all know how is this a big myth.

10. Bollywood means long songs and dance sequences

Again, I would deny that. There are movies like ‘A Wednesday’, and ‘Lunchbox’ which have been blockbusters without any song or dance sequences.

We have a rich heritage in music and dance and we love it. India is a country of celebrations and I believe no celebration is complete without music and dance.

I am sure even you have been in situations like these. Let me know your story in the comment box below.

Ever felt that western world thinks a lot of things wrong about India? This video breaks down some of the biggest myths western world has about India. Let me know if you also feel the same or you have a different story to tell in the comment box.

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