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10 Things Every Indian Living Abroad Adjusts with

10 Things Every Indian Living Abroad Adjusts with

As they say grass is greener on the other side. Same is true in the case of living in India and in West. As much you hate living in India, you gonna miss so much about your land once you start living abroad, especially, west.
Today I am gonna cover 10 of them in this video. I am sure many of you can relate to these.
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So, let’s roll it out!

1. Climate

Most of the western world do not have the luxury of enjoying 6 seasons in a year like India. Most countries in the northern hemisphere face cold and dark climate for a longer part of the year. So, for someone coming from India this could be a total turn off factor.

2. Indian Food

There are no two ways about it that Indian food is the best in the world. Food is priority for life. The kind of spicy tasty street food we get in different parts of India, can never be replaced with anything in the world. I mean, where else do you get those loaded glasses of lassi and extra buttery naans or dosa? I too have those cravings, and to satiate that craving I have to cook those delicacies by myself.

3. The social chit chats, loud laughs and speaking in your mother tongue

Getting social and laughing aloud is a rare sight abroad. One thing that every foreigner visiting India would agree on is that Indians have the sweetest smile. Having a heart to heart dialogues in your mother tongue is something you gonna miss after a while. Trust me, you will.

4. You miss your family and friends

If you’re way too lucky to fly in and out of India, like some Indians living in Dubai can. But for most this seem to be a rare possibility. So, missing your closest pals from childhood and of course your parents, brothers and sisters is something you have to deal with.

5. Shopping in those popular flea markets for dirt cheap prices

Yeah! Definitely yes. When I see those overly priced trendy shrugs and dresses in branded stores abroad, I just can’t help thinking I could buy them in bulk from the likes of Sarojni Nagar and kamla Nagar market for like 150 or 200 rupees each.

6. Access to cheap local transport

You gonna miss rikshaws and auto-rikshaws which you could take from right outside your doorstep. You miss them especially when you’re not in a position to walk with heavy luggage and you don’t wanna spend on a taxi for just 500 m.

7. Visiting your relatives

You never imagined that you gonna miss your cousins, aunts and uncles. But loneliness can dawn on you anytime.

8. Dressing in those Indian attires (especially women)

I know, we have always liked dressing in western wear. But when you have loads of those heavily embellished lehngas and suits, you wonder what you’re gonna do with them.

9. Spirit of festivals

Festivals will never be the same for those living outside India. The whole spirit of festivity will be lost in working.

10. Last but not the least, you do everything yourself

Yes! That’s another thing that you have to deal with and it’s pretty hard. You do cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and a lot more all by yourself. Even assembling your furniture. Manual labour is pretty expensive outside.

I am sure even you have similar stories to tell. What is your story? Please let me know in the comment box below.

Watch out for these 10 THINGS before you decide to move out of India. Most NRI's tell you advantages of living abroad but no one is telling you what will lose out on.

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