Sakura-Cherryblossom Festival | Körsbärsblommans dag |Stockholm 2017

Volunteering at and attending this Sakura-Cherryblossom Festival in Stockholm is something I will cherish all my life.

I have never travelled to Japan. This festival game me a close insight into Japanese culture and values. This video showcases my entire full-day fun filled experience of being at this beautiful festive event. Do watch to experience it yourself!

Experience the marvelous spring celebration in the heart of Stockholm, Kungsträdgården. Sakura-the Japanese Cherryblossom Festival or Körsbärsblommans dag is celebrated every year during spring. A day spent eating delicious Japaense food, listening to Japanese music, meeting lots of Japanese people, enjoying Japanese art, and a lot more.

The beautiful pink-white and purple cherry blossom trees come to full bloom during spring. They form an array on both sides of the pond at Kungsträdgården which attracts thousands of people from all parts of the world. People gather to soak up the sun, gossip, eat ice-cream, and play chess.

These cherry blossoms were a gift to Sweden from Japan in 1998.

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Music: Minyo San Kyoku (YouTube Audio Library)

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