Women’s day is being celebrated since 1909 every year. But this day became more popular and internationally recognized when United Nations adopted this day as international Women’s day in 1977. Mar 8 is marked as international Women’s day.Now, why is a women’s day even celebrated? This […]

Stockholm Riga Cruise Part 1

Latvia which once used to be a part of Russia got its independence in 1918. Its population is as low as 2 million and has a density of 35 people per square kilometer.It is full of greenery all around and adorned with breathtaking old European.

What is Creo Vivo? What does it do?
Creo Vivo means ‘live to create’. We started Creo Vivo with a mission to help people connect with life and its purpose.

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Kiruna lies above the arctic circle with temperature as low as -35°C, 100% humidity & darkness for half a year. Here mesmerizing colorful lights fill the dark sky. We bring to you our first-hand experience in this video.