Brand Ambassadorships

Brand Ambassadorships

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A brand ambassador is someone who has used your product or service, and really appreciates it. The product or service can be anything from cosmetic or laptop, to hospitality or information services. So, a brand ambassador loves your product or service and is ready to genuinely say wonderful things about it.

He or she is usually an unpaid endorser. Receiving praises from the actual users is always well received over paid reviews.

As a company, you just have to part with your product or service for free to the consumer, but the authentic amazing words you get in return undoubtedly weighs more than the cost of the product or service in the long run.

At Creo Vivo we are always happy to work with brands long-term, especially with brands that we truly enjoy & believe in. If you feel that we would be a good fit for your brand, please contact us for more details.

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