Hey friends! Do give this a watch. It is not only a really interesting motivational talk but a practical guide to getting things done and moving closer to success. I know, this video talks about 7 habits of highly effective artists but then I personally feel that […]

Volunteering at and attending this Sakura-Cherryblossom Festival in Stockholm is something I will cherish all my life. I have never travelled to Japan. This festival game me a close insight into Japanese culture and values. This video showcases my entire full-day fun filled experience of being […]

10 things indians adjust with thumbnail

Posted on April 20, 2017 by admin 10 Things Every Indian Living Abroad Adjusts with As they say grass is greener on the other side. Same is true in the case of living in India and in West. As much you hate living in India, you […]

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There are certain misconceptions about India among western world. Today I am gonna cover 10 of them. I am sure many of you can relate to these. So, let’s roll it out! 1. Every dish or sabzi is called CURRY Because of the detailed menu cards […]

Riga Part 3

After a memorable fun day at Riga it is time to head back home and to our ship first. In the first two parts of this Riga series, we walked you through the exciting journey from Stockholm to Riga on Tallink Isabelle, and also a day […]

Riga Part 2

Riga is the capital city of Latvia. It is a beautiful, calm, and green city with amazingly beautiful palaces and buildings. Being there and living the spirit of this small city is an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

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Ed Sheeran’s very popular number Shape of You has everyone grooving to it. Check out the best of Shape of you videos in this one collection video. Enjoy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPXwZDVEJ28

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Hey guys! Today I am at my friend’s place. She is Ulrika. She is a really wonderful person I know. One of the first friends I made when I came to Sweden. And she is so helpful and warm that it is difficult to put in […]

Hey guys! It is holi time and I thought of producing a really colourful video on Holi. Those who don’t know about holi, it is Holi with an I, not Y. Holi is a festival of colors, celebrated across India and other parts of the world. […]


Women’s day is being celebrated since 1909 every year. But this day became more popular and internationally recognized when United Nations adopted this day as international Women’s day in 1977. Mar 8 is marked as international Women’s day.Now, why is a women’s day even celebrated? This […]